Florence Feldman-Wood Lectures At Old School Wool and Weaving Center

Saturday, September 29, 2018

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Tickets : $75.00 per person

Reserve your space early. Seats are filling up quickly.

In the course of 18 Hand Loom Supplements a large number of contributors wrote about the wide variety of looms that fascinated them.
Some will be presented here.
They include early 19th century barn frame looms reconstructed in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and England. Looms of immigrant groups from Scandinavia and Slovakia, the unlikely origins of Structo looms, and the histories of Eureka, Deen and Union Loom companies. Looms that belonged to famous weavers will be shown along with early 20th century looms designed for and used by women and looms from the Depression. Collections of looms in studios and schools in Rhode Island, Ohio, California, Latvia and Cambodia, and small band looms from the U.S. , England and Norway will be presented. Some of the related tools will also be included.

Yankee Ingenuity – Two Handed Spinning Wheels and More
Around 1800 spinning wheel makers in New York and Connecticut developed novel designs in hopes of increasing a handspinners productivity. These included double flyer or two handed spinning wheels. chair frame wheels with two treadles and two wheels, and the ” accelerating wheel ” head for great wheels. Learn to identify the different styles of some of these unusual wheels. Find out what is known about the men who built them, the Sandfords of Newton, Conn. , Solomon Plant, Joel Farnham and Joshua Goldsmith as well as Amos Miner, inventor of the ” accelerating wheel ” head. Help locate more of these wheels.

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