” I just got a barn loom. Now what?”

This is a 2-day class that will cover how to take a disassembled barn loom from pieces to a smoothly working loom.

Among the topics to be covered are how to identify the various beams and their functions, how to discern the miscellaneous pieces that often accompany the looms, which pieces are weaving related and which are completely unrelated.  Harness set up, types of reeds, lease sticks, warping boards, shuttles, warping mill, raddles, pulleys, horses, treadles, and most important – direct tie-up for a four harness loom. 

This will be a relaxed class for a small group of people who will assemble two barn looms from pieces. 

Fee: $100 per person

Saturday – July 13th and Sunday- July 14, 2019 

9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pre-registration is required along with a $25 fee which applies to the class fee. 

You can contact me through this site, on Facebook at Old School Wool and Weaving – The Journey, or via email at : earlyamericantextiletools@ yahoo.com – I will register you and give you payment info. 

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