Setting Up the Barn Looms

This weekend saw the setting up of two additional barn looms at Old School Wool and Weaving Center.

The first is my own personal loom that has been with me for 23 years. Through numerous moves, life altering events and decades, the loom has been a symbol of my early determination to find a way to learn to use period 18th century tools, to weave period cloth. 

The second loom is on loan from the Kresge-Cannella family in Pennsylvania. This loom has been in the same family for at least 4 generations until recently when it was offered to OSW and Weaving Center. 

Unusual for it’s lower position warp beam and whip roller which sits just above the warp beam, the loom is the only one with these features. 

Stay tuned as they get set up for their first warp in their new location!


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